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Smart Ways: Best WordPress Plugins to Save Website Development Time

Smart Ways: Best WordPress Plugins to Save Website Development Time

Due to the rapidly increasing demand of well-customized, professional, and feature-rich WordPress websites, WordPress developers are reeling under intense pressure to finish the website development projects as soon as possible. The creation of a website and its beautification takes a lot of time. WordPress developers find it very difficult to meet the growing demands (creating professional WordPress sites in bulk in less time) of their clients and customers. The distractions of life, such as family, friends, traveling, TV, cinema, etc, don’t let them meet deadlines given by the clients/customers.

Fortunately, there are many WordPress plugins that can help them to accomplish more website development tasks within a short time span. Using those plugins, they can reduce their manual work substantially and increase productivity up to a great extent. Some useful for WordPress developers are detailed here below. Just have a look-

  1. Query Monitor

  2. While working on WordPress development projects, on several occasions, you need to debug the WordPress websites to maintain their performance. Debugging of websites is also needed when they are in operation for a long period of time. If you perform this task manually, it will take a lot of time and there is no guarantee that your site will be fully debugged.

    To complete this task easily and quickly without any flaw, you can use the Query Monitor Plugin. It’s a debugging and development plugin for WordPress with which you can easily access to the queries made on your page (database queries, AJAX calls, REST API requests, etc,) and track what’s affecting the performance of your site. Based on the output, you can debug the site easily and effortlessly.

  3. User Switching

  4. WordPress website owners, assign specific roles to contributors to streamline their work easily and run their sites without any problem. When you do experiment with your WordPress blog user rights, you are required to test your modifications rigorously. If you do it manually, every login operation will require the entry of usernames and passwords various times. A lot of time is wasted in such operations. Therefore, you should use the User Switching plugin. It helps you swap between user accounts in WordPress easily and quickly with a click of a button.

  5. Google Analyticator

  6. A good number of non-tech individuals use WordPress websites. They are unacquainted with different coding languages. So, they can edit the template code on their site to add Google analytics on their sites. In order to help such people, WordPress developers can use the Google Analyticator plugin. It enables Google Analytics on WordPress sites and helps individuals to track the performance of their websites. It has a number of widgets for displaying Analytics data in the admin area and on your site/blog.

  7. Wptouch

  8. These days, Responsive sites are in great demand because of the rapidly increasing use of different mobile devices for Internet surfing. Creating a responsive WordPress site requires careful planning, implementation of various design elements and testing the site on different mobile devices. All these can take a lot of time and waste your resources too. Do you want to make WordPress sites responsive, easily and quickly? If yes, then try WPTouch plugin. It makes WordPress websites/blogs responsive to mobile phones, helping WordPress developers to save lots of precious time and energy.

  9. CMS2CMS:Automated HTML To WordPress Content Migration
  10. html to wp content
    The demand for HTML to WordPress conversion is increasing by leaps and bounds because a good number of individuals are frustrated with plain HTML design and they want to take their websites/blogs to WordPress CMS. If you do this task manually, it will take a lot of time and chances of mistakes are always higher.

    To perform HTML to WordPress conversion easily and quickly, you should the HTML to WordPress converter plugin without having any second thought in mind. It supports several menus and widgets. You don’t need to have the WordPress theme knowledge or coding practices to use this plugin.

  11. WordPress Calls to Action
  12. WordPress Calls to Action
    Every website owner is well aware of the importance of Call To Action Buttons. It encourages visitors to take the desired actions. But, it is very difficult to create a compelling call to action button. If you have to create CTA buttons for WordPress websites/blogs, you can use this plugin. It will help you to create appealing CTAs and convert more leads on your site without facing any mind-blowing difficulty.

  13. WP eCommerce

  14. Web developers toil a lot to create professional, eye-catching, and scalable E-commerce websites. If you use to develop E-commerce websites with WordPress CMS, then WP e-commerce is your best pal. It will help you to create fully-featured E-commerce stores easily and quickly without wasting a lot of time and energy.

Final Words:

WordPress developers look for tools to increase their work efficiency and productivity greatly without any flaw. They can use the above-mentioned WordPress plugins to create amazing WordPress sites in a short duration of time without exerting the manual labor.

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